Lead by one of our Fitness Professionals, this 60-minute group training class uses functional movements performed at high intensity speed; intensity varies among individuals and modifications can be made as needed. This class combines complex gymnastics movements, Olympic style weightlifting, and much more during each class. During our Group Fitness classes, you will gain muscle, lose body fat, and continue to do so as your training progresses. Our Group Fitness classes require the completion of our Core Values pre requisite class.



Core Values

Your safety and success are a priority to us; therefore, every new member of Fit Factory must go through the pre-requisite class, Core Values. The completion of Core Values is mandatory prior to engaging in any of our fitness services.  

This class focuses on the movements you will experience while at Fit Factory, teaches you how to move safely, and provides you with the knowledge & confidence to perform efficiently in each workout.  Completing Core Values will benefit your longevity in fitness & exercise, and will allow our Fitness Professionals to bring out your best potential.



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