LiveFit is exactly what it's called- a class teaching you how to l i v e f i t; live healthily, live actively, live simply, live confidently.  

During our LiveFit classes, you will not see any complex barbell movements or high level gymnastic skills. Here, we focus on isolating specific muscle groups, emphasize accessory movements and hone in our rehabilitation practices. 


***LiveFit has gone DIGITAL!***

We are now combining technology with group motivation to transform how you challenge yourself in each one of our classes!

LiveFit members now have the option to track their heart rate, energy output, and calories burned using MyZone Heart Rate technology.  Rent or purchase your heart rate monitor before class starts, and see your progress LIVE on the big screen during your entire workout! Challenge yourself to stay in a certain heart rate zone, or follow the MyZone “points” system and compete with your peers! 

Want to have fun while getting fit? Try out a LiveFit class today!