LiveFit is a 45-minute high intensity interval training program that increases your aerobic capacity and muscular endurance.  During LiveFit, you will circuit through body-weight to light-weight movements using kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls combined with running, biking, rowing, and skiing machines.  This conditioning class will leave you gasping for air, but hungry for more! Whether you are a professional athlete, or just starting your fitness journey, LiveFit can be tailored to any level.


***LiveFit has gone DIGITAL!***

We are now combining technology with group motivation to transform how you challenge yourself in each one of our classes!

LiveFit members now have the option to track their heart rate, energy output, and calories burned using MyZone Heart Rate technology.  Rent or purchase your heart rate monitor before class starts, and see your progress LIVE on the big screen during your entire workout! Challenge yourself to stay in a certain heart rate zone, or follow the MyZone “points” system and compete with your peers! 

Want to have fun while getting fit? Try out a LiveFit class today!