Personal Training Sessions

This service is best suitable for those with specific goals. Whether you need help training for a competition, or want to improve on a specific movement, our lessons (paired with the Skill & Drill homework you will receive) will help you reach your goals.
Not a fan of group training in general? This option is best suitable for you as well!


Youth Fitness

This program focuses on teaching young teens how to move properly, safely & efficiently. Our classes will improve body awareness, strength, flexibility, and conditioning. Our workouts are focused on technique & movement precision, rather than focusing on the outcome of the workout.  We ensure all of teens have a strong foundation before progressing in weight, speed, and level of difficulty.  All of our Youth Fitness classes are under the provision of a skilled coach at all times.


"Fitness with Friends"

Want to host a workout for your neighbors, friends, or co-workers? Let Fit Factory come to you! This service is great for community groups, corporate team building, & special events.  Fit Factory will bring equipment to your work, church, or neighborhood, and put on a workout for you & your friends.  Let “Fitness with Friends” be your next fun-filled adventure you experience! (This is by appointment only)


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