Whether you’re a prospective D1 athlete, a 65-year old grandmother who just had her knee replaced, a marathon runner, a fitness competitor, or you're just starting your fitness journey, our Personal Training sessions are just for you!


With Fit Factory’s Personal Training, you will receive 1-on-1 coaching for WHATEVER you’re training towards. Our Fitness Professionals have helped a countless number of athletes on a wide scale of athletic ability. From competition preparation, to injury rehabilitation, there is nothing our team cannot help you achieve. Along with Personal Training, you will also receive “Skill & Drill” homework in order to assist your progress outside of your sessions. Not a fan of group training in general? No problem, Fit Factory's Personal Training is best suitable for you too!


Below is a list of categories Fit Factory Personal Training has coached (but not limited to below list):

-Fitness competition prep

-Weight Loss

-Marathon/Triathlon prep

-Injury Rehab

-Strength Training

-Conditioning/ Endurance Capacity 

-Movement assistance 

-Sports Performance 

-Mobility/Flexibility Rehab

-Olympic Weightlifting Training

*Inquire within for availability & pricing.