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This class uses functional movements done at high intensity.  CrossFit combines complex gymnastics movements, Olympic style weightlifting, and more. During CrossFit, you will gain muscle, and continue to do so as your training progresses.  Our CrossFit classes require previous experience in CrossFit or completion of our Core Values pre requisite class.


Core Values 

This class is a pre-requisite for athletes new to CrossFit.  The completion of Core Values is mandatory prior to engaging in any of our CrossFit programming.  This class focuses on the fundamental movements of CrossFit, teaches you how to move safely, and provides you with the knowledge & confidence to perform efficiently.



This class is a 45-minute high intensity interval training program that increases your aerobic capacity and muscular endurance.  During LiveFit, you will circuit through body-weight to light-weight movements using kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls combined with running, biking, and rowing machines.  Not a fan of CrossFit? LiveFit is just for you!  This conditioning class will leave you gasping for air, but hungry for more! Whether you are a professional athlete, or just starting your fitness journey, LiveFit can be tailored to any level.


Personal Training Sessions

This service is best suitable for those with specific goals.  Personal Training can benefit all aspects of any member.  Whether they need specific help to train for a run, race, or competition, Built by Brick Skill&Drill homework can help you reach your goals.  These sessions can also benefit those with specific personal goals as well.  Trying to lose weight, gain weight, or even improve your flexibility & mobility? Schedule a session with Coach Brandon today to help you achieve all your goals!


Fit Factory Nutrition

Fad diets which have you on a low caloric deficit just not working? Trying to stick to a diet that forbids just about all things delicious? Our Nutritional Educational services are just for you! Learn to have a peaceful relationship with food.  No need to break-up with what you love most!  Sign-up for our Nutrition Program if you’re wanting to lose weight, gain lean muscle, and be able to eat any food you desire.

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